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Customize the Homepage

By Maxine Whitely.

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When you first open Library, you will see a link to "Get Started," a list of teams, a list of "Useful Docs," and a "View All Docs" button. You can specify the content to be associated with all of these components.

Pressing "Get Started" will, by default, send you to a URL that displays the contents of a folder in your Google Drive called "Get Started." If you do not include a folder by this name, clicking the link will result in an error.

You can make this link go to a different location (or remove the link entirely) by deploying Library from a customization repo, as documented here.

Refer to the page about tags for information on how to customize the contents of the team and “Useful Docs” lists.

Each list of documents in Library is sortable, via numbering folders or documents to rank them accordingly. Note that this numbering applies to each location that docs appear in Library, such as the homepage, the list of teams, and the “View All Docs” page. If you choose not to rank documents or folders, they will show up in alphabetical order.