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How to create a New Team/Department page

By Rebecca Halleck.

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Folders are ways to group pages on Library. You can use them to centrally locate your team or department's files (e.g., Metro) or as a way to gather all Library documents related to a specific topic in one place (e.g., SEO guidance).

If your team or department already has a folder, you will be able to find it on the “View All Docs” page. If you are creating a new folder, open a blank Google Doc and name it after your team or department. Next add “ | team” to the end, then navigate to the Library team drive, click the new folder button and name your folder. Move your doc into your new folder.

Refresh the Library page, within one minute you should see a new category with the name you gave your folder and a title on your new page that matches the name you gave the Google doc (the “ | team” will not show up on the page).

For instructions on creating a new page in your team folder go here.

For instructions on moving pages within Library go here.