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Create a New Page in Library

By Rebecca Halleck.

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To create a new page in Library, simply click on the “Create New Page” button located at the bottom of every page.

By default your new page will be filed in the folder you are in when you hit the button. For example, if you are in the How Library Works folder, your page will be filed under How Library Works. If you hit “Create New Page” from within a subfolder, your page will be filed under that subfolder.

If you accidentally create a new page from within the wrong folder and you would like to move that page, go into your team drive or shared folder and drag and drop the document into the correct folder. If you decide you want to move an existing page on Library, you can click the "Move This Page" button located right next to the "Create New Page" button.

You can also create a new page simply by adding a document in your shared folder or team drive. You should see the page live on Library within minutes of creating it in Google Drive.

Note: Because permissions in shared folders are not global the same way as they are with team drives, it’s likely that shortly after adding a new page Library will return a server error for the expected URL. This behavior resolves itself within 5-10 minutes of creating the new page, and does not affect Library when backed by a team drive.