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Enable and Configure API services

By NYT Library Demo.

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Library relies on the Google Drive API in order to retrieve data about the documents in a team drive or shared folder. Before your copy of Library becomes functional, you’ll need to enable at least the Google Drive API on the GCP project you plan to use with Library.

Library will work without the Cloud Datastore API set up, but note that the dropdown in the top right corner of the Library banner bar (shown populated below) will be empty without the API enabled.

First, you'll need to enable the APIs in your Google Console. Navigate to the "APIs & Services" menu and select "Library".

Search for "drive" to enable the Google Drive API. You can optionally search for "cloud datastore" to enable the Cloud Datastore API, if you are also setting up the reading history feature.

Once you have enabled the Drive API in the APIs Library, you’re ready to create an OAuth client to handle authentication for your Library site.

If you want to use the optional reading history feature, you can set up the Cloud Datastore API.