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Community Call, Oct 15

By NYT Library Demo.

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NYT Library Community Call, Oct 15

12pm - 1pm ET

Call in Number: +1 470-705-4259‬, PIN: ‪988 473‬#

To unmute your phone: *6


About the call

This call is an opportunity for anyone interested in (or already using!) Library to meet the maintainers and find out how it can be useful at your organization. It's also a chance to ask questions and share any ideas or challenges you've had so far with using Library. We hope to use the conversations that emerge in the call to make Library more useful for everyone.

Who’s here?

Add your name to the list below to let us know what you’re up to and who you are. We’re eager to meet everyone in the Library community and hear about what’s been working well and what can be improved.

Good to add here: Your name, your experience/knowledge about Library (if any), contact info.

Interested in hearing about Library

What are we looking to improve about Library?

Discoverability: helping people find Library docs that exist already and contribute to them

Interoperability with other tools:

Content flexibility:


Guidance about document lifecycle

Deployment flow

Guidance on how to contribute

About Library

For those of us that are new to Library, we’ll do a quick intro to how it works and why we built it.

NYT Library is an open source wiki powered by Google Docs. Originally built in 2017 to streamline the sharing of existing documentation in the NYT newsroom, Library has emerged as our best solution to date for keeping internal knowledge collaborative and visible across departments. Now that Library is open source, we're excited to share all that it can do with the community and see how others use it.

What’s working for you about Library? What can be improved?

Let’s talk through any use cases you’ve been exploring with Library so far and the things that have been working well. What do you wish Library did better? Let’s capture our ideas in notes and new issues.

To get started:

Ideas for what’s next

There’s a couple areas for Library improvements we’re thinking about: